PT Mitra Cipta Nusa First bussiness Concentration at Fire and Gas Protection Construction, System and first customer project was at PT Wilmar Nabati.
Based On Resource Now PT Mitra Cipta Nusa bussines growt and developing at:
1. Engineering Design,Procurement & Construction (Mechanical & Electrical)
2. Engineering Design,Procurement & Construction Fire and Gas Protection System
3. Engineering Design,Procurement & Construction Smart Building System

Company Vision And Mission

"To be an excellence company which great culture, trusted and valuable to stakeholders & customers"

Company Mission

1. Trust and Commitment at Job To The Excellence
2. Trust and Commitment Good Customer Service Orieantation
3. Trust and Commitment Best Services & Quality Work To The Customers
4. Stakeholders & Customers Are A Partner to make Bussines Grwoth
5. Safety ,Clear, And Secure For Best Result

PT. Mitra Cipta Nusa

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